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Body Parts made of Bread

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Body Parts made of Bread - This is a bakery in Thailand.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Sunday 5/16/10 - 9:04:15 AM
Gruesome but real
Monday 5/17/10 - 9:13:44 PM
How odd..
Tuesday 5/18/10 - 11:03:17 AM
Gross! I could never eat those... and I'd eat ANYTHING!!! lol
Tuesday 5/18/10 - 11:14:03 AM
How many times does this need to be reposted?
Tuesday 5/18/10 - 9:03:49 PM
Has it been reposted? I hadn't seen it.
Wednesday 5/19/10 - 1:32:37 AM
On Tuesday 5/18/10 - 11:14:03 AM slinky0 wrote:
How many times does this need to be reposted?

When was it posted before?
Thursday 5/20/10 - 3:12:40 AM
That'd destroy my appetite pretty bad.
Thursday 5/20/10 - 1:33:05 PM
Very cool! I like the meathook displays at the end.

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