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Impossible Motion Ramps

6 comments 3.5 9,429 views 12 years ago in Science & Technology
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Impossible Motion Ramps - Very cool illusion.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Wednesday 5/12/10 - 5:27:49 PM
Very cool illusion.
Thursday 5/13/10 - 2:44:37 AM
I knew it would be something like that, but I still couldn't figure it out til they turned it around
Thursday 5/13/10 - 3:13:42 AM
That was pretty cool, had no idea how they were doing it though. (until they turned it around)
Thursday 5/13/10 - 1:09:55 PM
some ppl have way to much time on their hands
Thursday 5/13/10 - 1:10:27 PM
and apprently i aslo have to much time on my hands wathcing this
Thursday 5/13/10 - 4:56:05 PM
Thats pretty awesome, its all in the perspective

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