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Extreme Workstations

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Extreme Workstations - These put my setup to shame.

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Wednesday 5/12/10 - 5:14:32 PM
These put my setup to shame.
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 7:00:42 PM
Damn those are sweet
Thursday 5/13/10 - 2:44:58 AM
Why do people need so many screens?
Thursday 5/13/10 - 10:18:54 AM
Is it just me, or are some of those shots posed? I mean, some of those computers don't look like they have the video card capability to run so many or such large monitors. Unless someone did some massive retrofitting to the G4 powerbook laptop from 2003, it doesn't have nearly the capability of... wait, it's not even plugged in!

Oh. I see. Tower in the corner.
Thursday 5/13/10 - 12:59:37 PM
Thursday 5/13/10 - 2:42:57 PM
Thursday 5/13/10 - 11:16:42 PM
ohh wow :D ?

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