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All The Wrinkled Ladies

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All The Wrinkled Ladies - Anita Renfroe feels that Beyonce may have left out a category of women
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Sunday 4/25/10 - 8:57:56 PM
Anita Renfroe feels that Beyonce may have left out a category of women
Sunday 4/25/10 - 11:22:22 PM
That was cute
Monday 4/26/10 - 8:24:52 AM
Lasted exactly 30 seconds. The Motown remix buddy posted a while ago is so much better.
Monday 4/26/10 - 6:28:20 PM
Good for her. :P
Tuesday 4/27/10 - 12:01:46 AM
Lmao, that rocked.
Sunday 5/16/10 - 4:58:03 PM
Sunday 5/16/10 - 5:22:06 PM
Why are there so many fricking covers of this song. I hate you beyonce.
Thursday 5/27/10 - 12:16:14 PM
this reminds me of the dancing class my mom is in
Tuesday 6/1/10 - 12:35:21 AM
lmfao i love it but it was very disturbing
Sunday 6/6/10 - 6:06:33 PM
Love it :L
Wednesday 6/23/10 - 8:27:34 PM
the close ups of the wrinkles in the beggining was creepy
Wednesday 6/23/10 - 9:55:44 PM
*snickerfits* i like it...
Tuesday 7/13/10 - 4:51:42 PM
Be matter what other people think. God made you the way you are for a reason. Besides, and original is always worth more than a copy! ?
Saturday 11/6/10 - 4:30:08 PM
I get to see her in concert. She has a few cute songs, though this one is far from my favorite

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