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They Are Watching You

20 comments 3.0 6,211 views 9 years ago in Misc.
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They Are Watching You
Put your name in and see what they know about you.
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Saturday 4/10/10 - 6:47:23 PM
Better think twice what you put on the Internet!
Saturday 4/10/10 - 6:48:27 PM
They know i'm on youthink.
Good thing is they know very little more.
Monday 4/12/10 - 12:00:20 AM
They know who my father is, but not me/my mother/my family.

Monday 4/12/10 - 12:25:51 AM
they think i'm in my late 20's, and have a giant, expensive house in a middle class neighborhood, where i make a median income of 60k a year. lol
Monday 4/12/10 - 1:02:39 AM
Neighborhood below average?

Monday 4/12/10 - 3:07:32 AM
They think my grandfather who is a doctor only has a high school education. Also, they know nothing about me.
Monday 4/12/10 - 8:35:27 AM
Why can't these stupid mother f*ckers find me?
Monday 4/12/10 - 9:00:17 AM
They can't find me!
Monday 4/12/10 - 9:05:41 AM
Well, it had my dad down pretty accurately. It said my mom was a male.
Monday 4/12/10 - 10:31:47 AM
According to them, I'm in my late 60s, a Gemini, and I don't have any kids.

This thing is WAY off...
Monday 4/12/10 - 12:28:50 PM
knows nothing of me
not even through my parents
Monday 4/12/10 - 12:31:11 PM
also, there are a ton of Barack Obama's!
Monday 4/12/10 - 12:48:01 PM
They seem to know a decent amount about me, but the interests are generic to age groups and have nothing to do with me.

Also, they seem to think my mentally challenged aunt has a graduate degree.
Monday 4/12/10 - 12:50:08 PM
And every house seems to be worth >$1M.
Monday 4/12/10 - 2:38:31 PM
They know my mother quite well.
Everyone elses I tried, it failed miserably.
Monday 4/12/10 - 3:03:31 PM
Apparently my brother is African American and I never knew it!
Monday 4/12/10 - 3:58:45 PM
That is creepy... Apparently, my parents are 80 years old which they are not!!!!! Thank God!!! It also got my nana's adress when I put my name in there, well I was named after her, so yeah.... pretty freakin creepy!!
Monday 4/12/10 - 4:21:38 PM
Almost all of my information on that site is way off. If this is what people find when they look for info on me, they know a lot less than I thought they did. Better public info on me is available - I am quite sure.
Monday 5/3/10 - 12:59:37 AM
I guess I'm not important enough to be found yet, but it got my dad and mom down.
Wednesday 5/5/10 - 9:48:03 AM
hm! interesting. it thinks i'm a parent... and i keep getting samples of infant formula in the mail.

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