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The Tetris God

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The Tetris God - "But there's no place for a square!"

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Thursday 3/18/10 - 11:50:15 PM
"But there's no place for a square!"
Monday 3/22/10 - 5:52:18 AM
haha! Love it!
Monday 3/22/10 - 2:40:01 PM
Oh man, that was great!
Monday 3/22/10 - 10:57:20 PM
lol i thought that was going to be horrible, but it was quite entertaining
Monday 3/22/10 - 11:17:18 PM
That was gold. I hate that dude.
Tuesday 3/23/10 - 2:30:37 AM
That is exactly how I feel Tetris is programmed.
Monday 3/29/10 - 11:29:34 PM
love it
Tuesday 3/30/10 - 12:46:42 AM

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