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10 Animal Photobombs

11 comments 2.8 4,999 views 12 years ago in Funny
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10 Animal Photobombs - Animals can ruin photos too!

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Thursday 2/25/10 - 4:21:55 PM
Animals can ruin photos too!
Friday 2/26/10 - 1:50:29 AM
I'm saddened that the greatest photobomb of all time - the squirrel, is placed along side these blatant shops. F*cking internet
Friday 2/26/10 - 8:57:51 AM
Friday 2/26/10 - 9:26:12 AM
I love that seal peeking in at the bottom. I've seen that pic lots of places, and it makes me smile.
Friday 2/26/10 - 9:29:44 AM
I read some of the comments on the original site, and this sums up how I feel:

"Don’t know which is dumber…folks trying to pass off PD’d pics, or those pointing out the blatantly obvious."
(RaulJones on Thu, 21st Jan 2010 9:35 am)
Friday 2/26/10 - 5:13:20 PM
i think that the second one was the funniest
Friday 2/26/10 - 5:51:34 PM
The shark one made me laugh the hardest.

Even if they were pointing out the painstakingly obvious.
Tuesday 3/2/10 - 7:54:23 PM
Does anybody else think that kid looks like the kid off of Mad Max.
Thursday 3/11/10 - 4:53:28 PM
that seal is photshoped
Thursday 3/11/10 - 8:44:27 PM
The shark is photoshopped. There is no way it could get in that shallow of water unless it was suicidal. :P Yes I like to point out the obvious.
Thursday 3/11/10 - 9:32:30 PM
In the third pic, I don't think it's the horse ruining that photo

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