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15 Bizarre Runway Fashion Trends

17 comments 2.0 10,164 views 12 years ago in Arts & Literature
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15 Bizarre Runway Fashion Trends - I kind of doubt any of these are going to catch on.

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Thursday 2/25/10 - 1:18:18 PM
How do people come up with these things?
Friday 2/26/10 - 12:19:03 PM
I hate those Lady Gaga shoes so much.

The carousel dress is kind of cute, but in a I-could-never-wear-that-and-take-myself- seriously sort way....
Friday 2/26/10 - 12:47:38 PM
The skeleton shirts are pretty sweet.
I'd wear it.
Friday 2/26/10 - 3:48:32 PM
i hate those horse shoes sooo much! they are ugly and i can't see why anyone would want to wear them. the carousel dress was interesting tho. and the last one looks like the guy is in a makeshift diaper.
Friday 2/26/10 - 5:11:26 PM
wow ok all of them are not even close to cool. and all the models i can probably guess what they are thinking "why the h*ll did i sign up for this?!"
Friday 2/26/10 - 7:10:57 PM
I love the carousel dress.
But how would you sit in it?
Friday 2/26/10 - 8:00:52 PM
I liked Darth Vader's black evening gown.
Friday 2/26/10 - 10:06:52 PM
no one noticed the dresses made of condoms?
Friday 2/26/10 - 11:29:40 PM
Fashion is retarded. They've run out of creative ideas that are actually attractive, and now it's all about eccentric garbage that no one would ever wear.
Saturday 2/27/10 - 12:55:10 AM
they're not supposed to "catch on"...

that's the f*cking point.
it's art.
Saturday 2/27/10 - 12:59:13 AM
Its not art its stupid.
Saturday 2/27/10 - 2:13:15 PM
On Friday 2/26/10 - 10:06:52 PM poorrusty wrote:
no one noticed the dresses made of condoms?

I noticed them 3 years ago when the original designer came up with the idea.
Saturday 2/27/10 - 2:38:23 PM
The shoes in the 4th picture are the ugliest thing I've ever seen
Saturday 2/27/10 - 8:48:55 PM
A lot of those pictures showed people dressed in clothes Lady Gaga would've wore. My favorite was the Carousel Dress Katy Perry was wearing.
Tuesday 3/2/10 - 5:37:17 PM
On Friday 2/26/10 - 7:10:57 PM Macarena. wrote:
I love the carousel dress. But how would you sit in it?

that is a good question and i totally agree :)
Tuesday 3/2/10 - 7:58:46 PM
Friday 7/30/10 - 6:26:04 PM
is it wierd that i would wear all theese?

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