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Celebs Who are Aging Badly

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Teri Hatcher
Believe it or not, she's only 45 years old.
Danny Bonaduce
Years of hard living take their toll.
Priscilla Presley
The former beauty was a victim of bad plastic surgery.
Pamela Anderson
Did I mention bad plastic surgery? Only 42 years old.
Keith Richards
How is he still alive?
Courtney Love
This is your face... this is your face on drugs.
Mickey Rourke
From 90s heartthrob to... well, this.
Janice Dickinson
Hard to believe she was once that hot.
Val Kilmer
Too much ice cream for Iceman.
Lindsay Lohan
From cutie pie child actress to 45 year old trailer trash in just a few years. Oh, and she's only 23.
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Celebs Who are Aging Badly - While Brad Pitt looks better at 40 than he did at 20, that's not true of these stars.

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Monday 2/1/10 - 10:13:49 PM
While Brad Pitt looks better at 40 than he did at 20, that's not true of these stars.
Monday 2/1/10 - 10:21:15 PM
OMG! Janice Dickinson.
Some of them should have stayed away from plastic surgery
Monday 2/1/10 - 11:38:23 PM
I think Teri Hatcher looks fine. She's always had a weird face.
Monday 2/1/10 - 11:40:20 PM
Keith Richards looks great - as the comment said below IS he still alive?
Tuesday 2/2/10 - 10:31:58 AM
Linsay Lohan what a waste of good talent
Tuesday 2/2/10 - 4:54:38 PM
this could be renamed...celeb who let drugs and alcohol take over their lives.

Say no to drugs.
Tuesday 2/2/10 - 6:52:56 PM
The original site is far better.
Friday 5/18/12 - 3:59:10 PM
Yikes, Mickey Rourke. Janice Dickinson good GRIEF, that's what too much plastic surgery will do to you. Found this list as well FYI:

18 Celebrities Who've Aged Horribly
Sunday 5/20/12 - 11:24:00 AM
I think the first and third pictures look fine.
Tuesday 5/22/12 - 5:18:44 PM
I think you mean 'people who we are used to seeing in their twenties and airbrushed/professionally groomed looking like regular people in their forties some of whom have had bad surgeries'.
Wednesday 7/4/12 - 10:19:20 PM
On Tuesday 2/2/10 - 6:52:56 PM fatt_attack wrote:
The original site is far better. [link]

Joan Van Ark is gonna give me nightmares.
Wednesday 7/11/12 - 1:28:48 PM

Lark Voorhies
Sunday 7/15/12 - 5:14:16 PM
Monday 7/16/12 - 9:33:47 AM
i think 9/15ths of that problem is really really bad makeup
but then i saw other pictures and she's obv got a huge problem with makeup
bc it's terrible.

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