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11 Hottest Fox News Babes

10 comments 2.8 31,861 views 8 years ago in Misc.
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11 Hottest Fox News Babes
Are there any unattractive female Fox News reporters?
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Thursday 1/28/10 - 12:06:16 AM
Are there any unattractive female Fox News reporters?
Thursday 1/28/10 - 1:25:38 AM
You could watch MSNBC

...or CNN

Thursday 1/28/10 - 2:08:17 AM
On Thursday 1/28/10 - 12:06:16 AM buddy wrote:
Are there any attractive female Fox News reporters?

Thursday 1/28/10 - 2:23:08 AM
On Thursday 1/28/10 - 1:25:38 AM theBSR wrote:
You could watch MSNBC [spoiler]


We're betrothed, she just doesn't know it yet.
Thursday 1/28/10 - 2:23:40 AM
Also, CNN has Anderson Cooper. Not female, but attractive. as. hell.

End of story.
Thursday 1/28/10 - 9:51:28 AM
Anderson Cooper is indeed a very good looking guy. But, he doesn't like lady parts. Bummer.
Thursday 1/28/10 - 10:16:38 AM
I think being on Fox "news" inherently makes them unattractive.
Thursday 1/28/10 - 11:40:10 AM
On Thursday 1/28/10 - 10:16:38 AM JayY wrote:
I think being on Fox "news" inherently makes them unattractive.

That's kind of ridiculous. Just because Fox might be biased doesn't mean that all the anchors are as well. It can't be easy landing any kind of anchor job, much less a high profile anchor job, so it's kind of ignorant to assume that politics are the deciding factor in taking a job at Fox.
Thursday 1/28/10 - 11:44:58 AM
Yes lack of personal integrity is unattractive to me.
Thursday 1/28/10 - 10:05:30 PM
Fox isn't just O'Reilly, Beck, and Hannity those people have opinion shows and are obviously to the right, but the news shows aren't as biased as everyone makes them out to be, though they are right leaning.

MSNBC has the same opinion shows with Olberman, Maddow, and Matthews that are obviously to the left, and there news shows aren't as left as the opinion shows, but they are more biased than Fox.

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