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Jesus Makes Another Appearance On Facebook

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Jesus Makes Another Appearance On Facebook - Unlike most times, Jesus is the comic relief--you go, Jesus.

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Friday 1/15/10 - 8:09:40 PM
Unlike most times, Jesus is the comic relief--you go, Jesus.
Friday 1/15/10 - 8:15:21 PM
Go jesus!

Keep those janitors in Hell!
Friday 1/15/10 - 8:27:20 PM
Jesus had to modernize himself. All that go-goodyness just doesn't cut it these days. Gotta get physical.
Friday 1/15/10 - 8:34:03 PM
suspended for punching a janitor....AGAIN - that made me lol
Monday 1/18/10 - 12:21:27 AM
Monday 1/18/10 - 1:01:22 AM
I laughed so much.
Monday 1/18/10 - 11:06:35 AM
ROfl. Winnage.
Monday 1/18/10 - 1:50:10 PM
Pahaha, that's fantastic.
Monday 1/18/10 - 5:02:17 PM
Monday 1/18/10 - 6:23:35 PM
haha that kid kicks ass(: my janitors are cool so I'm not gonna punch them but still
Monday 1/18/10 - 7:17:51 PM
I didn't get it at first.
Read it 3 times
Realized her kids name is Jesus
WAY TO GO!!! Bahahahha!!
Monday 1/18/10 - 8:58:09 PM
lolz nice
Tuesday 1/19/10 - 2:35:06 AM
why did they censor her first name? Now we know her son's name is Jesus Garcia. That janitor's friends can avenge him.
Thursday 1/21/10 - 1:28:19 PM
Who doesn't love to punch a janitor?
Wednesday 3/10/10 - 4:51:39 PM
That made me LOL!!

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