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Techno Jeep

7 comments 4.0 3,599 views 12 years ago in Weird/Silly
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Techno Jeep - All the sounds are from an older Jeep Cherokee

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Tuesday 12/15/09 - 5:22:34 PM
All the sounds are from an older Jeep Cherokee
Tuesday 12/15/09 - 9:26:33 PM
oh that is beast right there xD
Wednesday 12/16/09 - 8:26:25 AM
This would be a great advertisement for a NEW Jeep Cherokee.
Wednesday 12/16/09 - 4:45:57 PM
Epicest. Jeep. Evar.
Wednesday 12/16/09 - 5:47:08 PM
where's snwbdr on this...
Wednesday 12/16/09 - 7:17:23 PM
neato burrito!
Thursday 12/17/09 - 12:05:51 AM
I wonder if they know that you can get much better sound out of a harpsichord.

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