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A Short Cartoon About Time

4 comments 3.7 4,470 views 10 years ago in Science & Technology
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A Short Cartoon About Time - An animated short by David Firth.

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Sunday 12/13/09 - 10:10:12 AM
An animated short by David Firth.
Sunday 12/13/09 - 11:44:44 AM
you always post the best animation stuffs
Tuesday 12/15/09 - 7:13:09 PM
I love my shorts. And a lot of dark, cynical, sarcastic, or just plain odd things.
Thursday 12/17/09 - 2:41:35 PM
I saw David Firth and knew I was in for an...interesting experience, but this is one of his more insightful (as opposed to batsh*t insane) shorts. I must say I liked it.

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