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Terrible Police Sketch Artist

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Terrible Police Sketch Artist - Come on, I could do better than that.

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Thursday 11/26/09 - 11:43:46 PM
Come on, I could do better than that.
Friday 11/27/09 - 12:12:07 AM
Their sketch artist is only 7 yrs old. Give him a break.
Friday 11/27/09 - 12:27:30 AM
Why is that even on the frigin news
Friday 11/27/09 - 12:59:23 AM
On Thursday 11/26/09 - 11:43:46 PM buddy wrote:
Come on, I could do better than that.

I think there is more about this story. Apparently, a whole bunch of people started showing up in this city with masked made of the sketch as seen on tv, and one of them actually got arrested.
Friday 11/27/09 - 10:33:26 AM
I like how it isn't even symmetrical, despite the graphed paper.
Friday 11/27/09 - 5:21:34 PM
Sh*t I better hide!
Saturday 11/28/09 - 3:35:12 PM
Wow. Lucky for that dude.
Saturday 11/28/09 - 5:47:33 PM
Don't make fun, maybe that's how the guy really looks. It's not nice to make fun of people's looks.
Saturday 11/28/09 - 5:59:44 PM
uhh why would they show that in the news?
Saturday 11/28/09 - 7:15:47 PM
My guess is that the suspect is a Mexican.
Sunday 11/29/09 - 11:18:49 PM
maybe it was take your kid to work day

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