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Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan

9 comments 4.0 5,997 views 12 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan - Rare newsreel footage
Video hosted on Youtube

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Sunday 11/15/09 - 9:54:49 PM
Rare newsreel footage
Sunday 11/15/09 - 11:27:31 PM
that was crazy
Monday 11/16/09 - 1:48:11 AM
awesome video...thank you
Monday 11/16/09 - 3:21:47 AM
quite interesting.
Monday 11/16/09 - 1:44:15 PM
That's amazing. Thank you for posting it! I just realized how very little I know about Helen Keller.
Monday 11/16/09 - 2:20:05 PM
sort of makes the band 3 oh three look stupid, huh?
Monday 11/16/09 - 3:42:51 PM
Truly amazing that someone was able to find a way to communicate with her.
Tuesday 11/17/09 - 5:52:18 PM
Amazing. I don't think I could ever do that.
Tuesday 11/17/09 - 8:31:45 PM
Wow! I didn't know there was video of her!

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