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4 Generations Summed Up

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4 Generations Summed Up - four generations summed up

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Monday 10/5/09 - 12:56:21 PM
four generations summed up
Monday 10/5/09 - 1:01:40 PM
That's pretty good. I wonder if people will feel the same way about Keyboard Cat when he passes as they do about MJ.
Monday 10/5/09 - 9:38:56 PM
My favorite part is:

"You're in 7th grade and you haven't done anal yet?"
Monday 10/5/09 - 11:25:49 PM
Two our of four must be bogus. I'm thinking of my late Father ("Greatest Generation") and myself ("Baby Boomer")
Jobs: After getting his degree, my Father worked for one firm for a year. Then he was blacklisted, and never worked for anyone but himself from then on. I worked for Lockheed until my recent retirement.
Sex: He was strictly monogamous. I'm on my second marriage, and was never into "free love."
War Stories: My mother knew almost nothing of his 30 missions over Germany until a friend and I took him to see "Memphis Belle" a few years before he died. I was never sprayed with fire hoses, but narrowly missed being blown up in Beirut in 1974.
Biggest National Shame: McCarthy. For both of us.
Music: He wasn't much interested. I'd have to say that the London Philharmonic is one of the worst I've heard.
Homosexuality: Does it matter?
Monday 10/5/09 - 11:27:08 PM
Celebrity: I guess we both kind of liked Humphrey Bogart.
New Technology: Let each of us earn a good living.
Tuesday 10/6/09 - 12:38:15 PM
This is so accurate it's amazing...especially the homosexual and sex references...sick world we live in.
Tuesday 10/6/09 - 3:25:33 PM
On Monday 10/5/09 - 11:27:08 PM aldod wrote:
... a more accurate and personal summation which mentioned the movie Memphis Belle

I actually own this movie, but have never seen it. Any good?
Tuesday 10/6/09 - 6:43:31 PM
Love this.

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