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Black Cab Sessions

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Black Cab Sessions
Musical artists perform in the back of a cab.
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Saturday 9/12/09 - 10:25:55 PM
Musical artists perform in the back of a cab.
Saturday 9/12/09 - 10:30:16 PM
heh cool stuff...

I like raw intimate performances.
Saturday 9/12/09 - 10:32:11 PM
i recommend nic dawson kelly. very unique style.
Saturday 9/12/09 - 10:35:14 PM
So far favourite has been Lykke Li... she's got such a delightful quirkiness to her.

..also Badly Drawn Boy... mood of the song was perfect for the sights along the drive.
Saturday 9/12/09 - 10:43:38 PM
Wow seriously man... I love this link!
Sunday 9/13/09 - 9:23:31 PM
exactly how i felt when i found it.

it's amazing stuff
Wednesday 11/18/09 - 11:20:09 PM
Seriously how has this not seen more attention?

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