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9 Year Old Guitarist

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9 Year Old Guitarist - Roll over B.B. King! Amazing prodigy.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Sunday 7/19/09 - 10:10:24 PM
Roll over B.B. King! Amazing prodigy
Monday 7/20/09 - 12:12:40 PM
He's pretty good for a little kid.

But he's not like Darek Trucks was at his age. Hell, he was already touring with the Allman Borthers.
Monday 7/20/09 - 4:13:59 PM
My dad showed me this.
Monday 7/20/09 - 5:02:55 PM
Total BS
9 and the kid is alreayd a jerk cuz he can play a few scales and chords...

here's some pure talent folks

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