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The Banned A&F Christmas Catalog

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The Banned A&F Christmas Catalog
Pages from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog that was banned. WARNING: Partial nudity.
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Tuesday 12/16/03 - 12:15:33 PM
Pages from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog that was banned. WARNING: Partial nudity. I can see why this was banned. It's not appropriate for kids.
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 12:18:07 PM
There are nipples.
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 12:19:27 PM
Man, each picture has nipples.
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 12:51:10 PM
c'mon now... who wears that little clothes during the holidays?

And what, exactly, are they advertising in those pictures? I never did get A&F's adverts.

Tuesday 12/16/03 - 12:54:22 PM
I never got them... they're advertising clothes... but the models don't wear any...
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 1:26:07 PM
WOAH ... if it's not good for kids, why is it on here?? They have them in plastic wrap at the shop, you have to be 18 to get them.
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 1:31:50 PM
woah...what are those naked in the water pics advertising?!?!?
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 3:09:52 PM
Good photographer...
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 3:16:03 PM
what the hell is that advertising?
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 3:48:15 PM
It's advertising the image of sex and sensuality and attatching those ideas to the A&F brand name. Because people are curious and like the pictures, they associate the feeling of being sexy and naked with A&F. In theory, this association will influence their purchase of the product.

Basic advertising, really.

Tuesday 12/16/03 - 3:49:59 PM
I was with you up to the end. I won't associate sexy with A & F - their clothes suck.
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 3:54:07 PM
Did that magazine ever get sent out? Because alot of kids have subscriptions.
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 3:56:00 PM
Hmm.. the pictures aren't working on my computer.
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 3:58:11 PM
That's the theory. Just because it doesn't work with you doesn't mean it won't work with others.

The pictures are very well done, I'll give them that. I've never once bought anything from A&F because I think it's horridly overpriced and I don't even like the clothing.

They are targetting my age group, yes. I'm drawn to the pictures, yes. Therefore, in THEORY I'll buy the product. And I'm sure that plenty of people will.

Tuesday 12/16/03 - 3:59:14 PM
Nothing special. The models aren't even that pretty.
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 3:59:16 PM
Joe- "It isn't given away for free in Abercrombie & Fitch stores, nor is sent out to customers as a free mailing. The A&F Quarterly is available for purchase at A&F outlets (we paid $7 for our copy) or via subscription. In-store buyers are asked to produce ID to demonstrate they are are 18 or older, and the subscription card instructs readers to "Fill out this card and head to the nearest A&F store with a valid photo ID" in order to subscribe."
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 4:00:19 PM
Pretty or not. It's still sexy. It's still sensual. It's still implying sexual behavior. Sex sells. You've heard that a million times. Why? Because it's true.
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 4:05:29 PM
*looks around for clothes within the pictures* I'm a little lost on how this advertises clothing...

For a soft-core porn mag, its pretty nice

Tuesday 12/16/03 - 4:06:16 PM
Princess- I've already explained that. Did you not read the thread?
Tuesday 12/16/03 - 4:17:12 PM
Nope, I can honestly say I didn't.

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