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She has A LOT to say.

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She has A LOT to say. - Tell it, sister!

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Saturday 5/23/09 - 4:02:24 PM
Tell it, sister!
Sunday 5/24/09 - 12:44:35 AM
Aha!.... so that's how my Mother-in-law started in life!!
Sunday 5/24/09 - 1:05:13 AM
i love when babies are at that stage.
Sunday 5/24/09 - 3:39:48 AM
that made my night!!
Sunday 5/24/09 - 8:44:56 AM
that is too cute awwwwww
Sunday 5/24/09 - 8:55:32 AM
I lol'd!
Sunday 5/24/09 - 5:16:05 PM
You're watching Hillary Clinton Version Beta, if you got any feedback please don't email us.

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