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It's scrabble meets tetris.
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Friday 4/24/09 - 12:58:22 AM
It's scrabble meets tetris.
Friday 4/24/09 - 2:17:06 AM
623 on the second try, after i got the hang of it.
Friday 4/24/09 - 2:29:15 AM
I'd kick arse t this game if my "a" worked all the time
Friday 4/24/09 - 3:17:59 AM
More like Boggle meets Tetris.
Friday 4/24/09 - 9:58:25 AM
I just got a 677. This game is so simple yet fun.
Friday 4/24/09 - 12:20:59 PM
On Friday 4/24/09 - 2:29:15 AM usernaem wrote:
I'd kick arse t this game if my "a" worked all the time

You should keep "a" always copied to your clipboard and get in the habit of hitting CONTROL-V everytime you need to type "a". Problem solved.
Friday 4/24/09 - 8:00:07 PM
Best score I've had so far:


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