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19 Weirdest Houses Around the World

5 comments (Rate Me) 7,875 views 12 years ago in Weird/Silly
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19 Weirdest Houses Around the World
The title says it all.
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Tuesday 3/17/09 - 4:50:18 PM
The title says it all.
Tuesday 3/17/09 - 6:12:09 PM
The gangster house looks a bit like one of those classic haunted mansions.
Wednesday 3/18/09 - 11:03:20 AM
Nifty. I want the cactus house.
Thursday 3/19/09 - 3:07:46 AM
Those Pod houses look like the places those teddy bear things from Star Wars lived in.
Saturday 3/21/09 - 1:06:41 AM
I the cactus house.

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