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Holiday party

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Holiday party
Planning a company x-mas party
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Thursday 12/25/08 - 4:44:48 PM
Planning a company x-mas party
Thursday 12/25/08 - 6:45:09 PM
What the hell? You don't work. Silly man.

You're back already from your holiday? Hope it was nice. Do tell....
Friday 12/26/08 - 2:20:42 AM
HAHA, that's awesome
Friday 12/26/08 - 11:46:52 AM
A classic that'll never get old
Sunday 12/28/08 - 4:40:13 AM
lol... Drive drunk and DIE!!!

Sunday 12/28/08 - 3:52:24 PM
I lost interest towards the end but it was pretty funny the bit i read.
Proves how ridiculous PCness is aswell

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