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Kitten Mosh pit

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Kitten Mosh pit - Hardcore kittens in a moshpit.

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Wednesday 12/17/08 - 2:21:48 AM
Hardcore kittens in a moshpit.
Wednesday 12/17/08 - 3:06:54 AM
Christ almighty that's a lot of cats. That woman can't possibly be taking care of all of them properly
Wednesday 12/17/08 - 1:41:38 PM
That is f*cking disgusting. I couldn't stand taking care of my four cats.
Wednesday 12/17/08 - 11:41:32 PM
That is


ughhh x-(
Thursday 12/18/08 - 2:14:47 AM
Crazy Cat Lady.


please, someone call the authorities.
Friday 12/19/08 - 10:53:07 PM
Ha, she fed them like chickens!
Monday 12/22/08 - 7:51:25 PM
That is so sad
Monday 12/22/08 - 8:26:42 PM
I saw this a year or so back on IAB, I'm sure with PETA viewers and all this has been cleared up, and the cats are in good hands.

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