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Informative CAT video

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Informative CAT video - Very informative. ":30 and 5:00 are my favourite bits.

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Tuesday 5/13/08 - 7:27:44 PM
Very informative. ":30 and 5:00 are my favourite bits.
Wednesday 5/14/08 - 1:51:46 PM
Hehe very cute. I also like the part that starts at the 5:00 mark.
Thursday 5/15/08 - 2:27:25 PM
Corporate cuddling is such an awesome concept.

Imagine punishing your 9 year old for being stroppy in public with a hug.
Thursday 1/15/09 - 11:19:43 AM
I laughed the entire way through!

My favorite part was the dancing part. Hilarious!

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