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Jackson meets Bhangra

6 comments (Rate Me) 2,957 views 12 years ago in Entertainment
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Jackson meets Bhangra - Best 'Britain's got talent' entry yet.

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Monday 4/28/08 - 6:39:49 PM
Best 'Britain's got talent' entry yet.
Tuesday 4/29/08 - 3:46:44 PM
I loved this when I saw it on Saturday.
Absolute genius.
Thursday 5/1/08 - 12:32:22 AM
that was freakin awesome
Thursday 5/1/08 - 4:28:40 AM
That's amazing!
Thursday 5/1/08 - 4:01:26 PM
I just found some of his vids on Ytube, he has been doing this act for years!

I love his face when he does the hat flick.
Thursday 5/1/08 - 8:14:41 PM
That was great!

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