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Most Spoiled Girl, Ever.

35 comments (Rate Me) 8,205 views 12 years ago in Entertainment
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Most Spoiled Girl, Ever. - Christmas EVERYDAY.

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Tuesday 2/26/08 - 10:54:43 AM
Christmas EVERYDAY.
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 11:43:29 AM
She looks like an effing camel.

Stupid bitch. Her parents aren't much better.
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 2:44:25 PM
I want Christmas every day!
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 2:58:42 PM
Ummm. Wow. It's not that she gets a gift everyday or has an new car. It's that attitude.

Is the window tinting business really that lucrative? I imagine they are going deeply into debt to fund this little "princess."

Yeah. My mamma and daddy may not have given me cash everyday and treated me like I was above housework and homework but they raised me to be a functional human being. Who can gasp! clean a house and cook and take care of myself.

That waitress should have slapped her.

And not to be mean but is her mom's face melting?
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 4:07:20 PM
Wow yeah, people will pay exorbitant amounts of money to customize vehicles and such, but pageants are f*cking expensive. Those dresses don't come cheap, and god forbid you should wear the same one twice...I also have to wonder how they're financing that kid.

It's got to be a joke. Those parents can't possibly believe "give her everything she wants, and don't give her any rules" is a valid parenting strategy.
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 4:28:02 PM
If you think this is bad, you should watch My Super Sweet 16, the people on there are ridiculous.
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 5:22:41 PM
Wow jstck, I made it through all of about 2 minutes of that show.
What is wrong with those girls' parents?
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 5:41:19 PM
I want to punch her in that ugly freaking mouth of hers...she's not even pretty FFS!
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 5:43:40 PM
I wouldn't mind this so much if she was actually pretty. But, her speech impediment and C- looks kind of ruin it.

I can't say I'm jealous even. It makes me pity them a lot.
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 8:11:45 PM
I remember her!
Her mother does her f*cking homework and she couldn't spell America.
And look at her eyes! No intelligence at all.
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 9:08:55 PM
It was the mom doing her daughter's homework that was the topper for me...that's just f*cking ridiculous. This is neglect ffs
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 10:21:38 PM
If mom does homework and projects, that's one thing. But, how does Princess take tests and do other classroom assignments? She must really fail them terribly.
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 11:23:41 PM
I couldn't even finish watching the video. She absolutely disgusts me in every posssible way. I hope that one day, she ends up homeless on the streets, because she certainly does not contribute anything to society.
Wednesday 2/27/08 - 12:14:49 PM
Surely this is a joke?

She is absoloutely rotten.
Wednesday 2/27/08 - 4:39:53 PM
I threw up.
Wednesday 2/27/08 - 7:19:28 PM
Oh dear. What happens when that girl is on her own? How is any man ever going to be able to put up with her ass? He'll be a real pushover also.

Also, the mothers make up is disgusting.

And the girl really isn't that pretty.. she looks like a normal teenage girl to me.
Wednesday 2/27/08 - 7:23:14 PM
And I mean normal in the sense that she's not extraordinary looking... nothing to do with her personality or family life at all.
Wednesday 2/27/08 - 11:43:52 PM
she won't have to do anything- mommy and daddy seem willing to take care of her no matter what.
such an attitude, i'd like to have her accompany me whe i work the overflow homeless shelter- she'd break.
and mommy and daddy would most likely sue me.
Thursday 2/28/08 - 12:36:37 AM
I think the problem is, she will trick some poor sap of a guy into marrying her, she will have five kids and then he will realize what a whore he married and they will end up divorced or he will break and kill her.
Thursday 2/28/08 - 10:20:21 AM
I don't see what the big deal is. There is nothing wrong with providing for your daughter or making her feel special.

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