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Type of bean? Les.

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Type of bean? Les. - Best response under pressure, ever.

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Saturday 2/23/08 - 5:43:20 PM
Best response under pressure, ever.
Saturday 2/23/08 - 6:15:40 PM
too bad I can't understand him to know if it was funny or not.
Saturday 2/23/08 - 7:03:26 PM
OMG that was him lose the full length:
Saturday 2/23/08 - 7:19:56 PM
Now it is funny because I could actually see what he said
Sunday 2/24/08 - 4:50:19 AM
Vernon is so awesome.
Sunday 2/24/08 - 4:58:50 AM
We're beans?


I've heard of "bean fiddlers," but honestly...
Sunday 2/24/08 - 8:37:43 PM
Wtf? Even if you were under pressure why would you say that?:/
Sunday 2/24/08 - 10:28:30 PM
That guy needs help.
Monday 2/25/08 - 4:26:15 PM
LOL ... what on EARTH would make him come up with that? The things people do under stress...
Tuesday 2/26/08 - 11:54:10 PM
The reaction after he said it was the best part.
Thursday 3/6/08 - 12:40:16 AM
Freudian slip?

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