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Are you psychic?

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Are you psychic?
Find out how psychic you are!
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Tuesday 2/19/08 - 4:48:26 PM
Find out how psychic you are!
Thursday 2/21/08 - 1:31:20 AM
Damn that site. 0 out of six. The one I got right was out of the zone.
Sunday 2/24/08 - 1:47:03 AM
Highly Intuitive

10 hits/25 tries

:P Ive had a psychic and an exorcist tell me I was very psychic, lol weird
Thursday 3/6/08 - 1:11:16 AM
I don't need to click on the link, I already know what I got.
Thursday 3/6/08 - 6:27:54 PM
"Average." 4 out of 25 correct. Well, I guess that rules out psychic medium as a career choice for me.

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