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Guard Dog Owns Robber

67 comments 3.8 43,966 views 12 years ago in Entertainment
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Guard Dog Owns Robber
That`s one smart dog.
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Sunday 8/19/07 - 11:51:05 PM
That's one smart dog.
Monday 8/20/07 - 2:22:23 AM
I love that. That dog was hella fast.
Monday 8/20/07 - 2:26:59 AM
That dog deserves many dog treats
Monday 8/20/07 - 2:28:39 AM

Good dog. Hope the robber was arrested.

Monday 8/20/07 - 2:31:48 AM
LMAO the guy made the dog do all the work.
thats f.ucking funny.
Monday 8/20/07 - 2:32:13 AM
Did he really need to send his dog after the robber? considering the thieving tw*t had a gun?
Monday 8/20/07 - 2:33:18 AM
He droped it

but anyways whaddap dawg

Monday 8/20/07 - 2:36:03 AM
That was cool how he sent the dog after him. Take that drater!
Monday 8/20/07 - 2:44:06 AM
Forget Lassie. I want THAT dog!
Monday 8/20/07 - 2:51:22 AM
Wait...what kind of idiot robber robs a GUN STORE??
Monday 8/20/07 - 2:55:55 AM
lol ahahahahahahaha...he picked the dog up and threw him over the counter!!!
Monday 8/20/07 - 3:02:21 AM
he deserves many b.itches 4 that. lol sarah
Monday 8/20/07 - 3:06:59 AM
lets start a cats vs dots fight.

i would like to see a cat do that.

Monday 8/20/07 - 3:34:05 AM
Good Dawg !
Monday 8/20/07 - 3:53:05 AM
Haha, that's class.
I wonder, why do you need a guard dog when you have many guns?
Monday 8/20/07 - 4:15:41 AM
Note to self: do not shake hands with store clerks.
Monday 8/20/07 - 4:23:00 AM
lol. That was probably the last thing that robber expected.
Monday 8/20/07 - 4:29:09 AM
i found it hilarious how he lifted the dog over the counter at the end so he could beat the poo out of the robber even more!

Go dog!

Monday 8/20/07 - 4:38:56 AM
nice to see the robber had forearms like popeye.

And the dog was nicley placed facing the exact place the robber would come.

Something to me screams out PHOTOS.....A test for training up the dog, or fake......

Monday 8/20/07 - 5:29:49 AM
"I wonder, why do you need a guard dog when you have many guns?" didn't that video just answer that question?

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