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Do You Have Asperger Syndrome?

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Do You Have Asperger Syndrome?
This quiz will tell you your AQ, or Asperger Quotient.
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Monday 8/13/07 - 8:27:20 PM
This quiz will tell you your AQ, or Asperger Quotient.
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 2:31:51 AM
"This test is designed for fun. It is not meant to test you for any disorder (real or imagined). You can't glean anything meaningful from this test without consulting with a mental health professional. It is not intended to make light of those who are suffering from autism or Aspergers syndrome. If you are worried about your mental health, see a professional."

Umm.. so do I or do I not have it?

Tuesday 8/14/07 - 2:31:59 AM
Meh, not bored enough to finish the quiz >.>
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 2:36:31 AM
More like "Do you have the Loser Syndrome?"
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 2:43:44 AM
Okay, so I got to question 15 then I started just scrolling down....ummmm, there's 50 questions...

I'm not that bored...

**Turns the computer off and takes a shower**

Tuesday 8/14/07 - 2:45:15 AM
I wonder if I should be worried about this.

Tuesday 8/14/07 - 2:48:49 AM
Yeah . . . . I got bored taking the test. Maybe I'll try tomorrow or something.
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 2:58:18 AM
25... am I a nerd or am I not?
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:04:40 AM
15. woo average woman,and average male or female biologist. Very nice.
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:07:25 AM
i'm 11, does that mean i'm normal? maybe i'm too autistic to take this test right...
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:07:26 AM
I got a 33.
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:08:01 AM
so close.. so close..
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:13:44 AM
Aww crap. Am I the only one immature enough to giggle at the name before taking the test?
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:15:56 AM
24 Average math contest winner ....

i suck at math....


Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:23:46 AM
I'm suprised it's not higher. Both my mother, brother, and uncle have it bad and I think a lot of their characteristics rub off on me. One person told me they thought I had it. I find I get along with people who have it a thousand times better than normal people.
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:39:01 AM
Average male or female computer scientist
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:44:07 AM
20, seems average to me. "This test is designed for fun..." So I wouldn't take this too highly.
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:47:11 AM
Anichan24: asparagus syndrome? hehe, yea I saw it too..
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:52:59 AM
strange test...
Tuesday 8/14/07 - 3:55:42 AM

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