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Idiot Test 4

107 comments 2.9 405,628 views 14 years ago in Quizzes & Tests
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Idiot Test 4
Newest version of test that tells you if you`re an idiot.
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Thursday 7/5/07 - 8:56:32 PM
Newest version of test that tells you if you're an idiot.
Friday 7/6/07 - 2:26:48 AM
I'm still an idiot.
Friday 7/6/07 - 2:35:42 AM
Rated 1. This is frustrating as it has nothing to do with intelligence, but rather if you can see that very tiny button hidden within the "o", or the 4 hidden in the background.

Stop posting this crap.

Friday 7/6/07 - 2:42:45 AM
"You Beat The First Level! You Are Now a: IDIOT"

Hm, I'm the idiot? At least I know grammar. These games are just weird, but good ways to waste time.

Friday 7/6/07 - 2:43:58 AM
Made it too the last round, where you have to complete tasks in 1 second, that bit is hard on a laptop..
Friday 7/6/07 - 2:45:28 AM
"Press the green triangle, then the red circle to continue"
Am I whacking out, or is there NO red circle?
I pressed tab and everything. I think my browser is crappin' out on me.
Friday 7/6/07 - 2:45:45 AM
Nevermind, completed it. I'm smarter than those space monkeys
Friday 7/6/07 - 2:47:24 AM
I like the last level
Friday 7/6/07 - 2:57:18 AM
I got to the one second part. But it was too hard. Or I just diddn't feel like trying.
Friday 7/6/07 - 3:00:40 AM
According to this test, people who are color blind are idiots.
Friday 7/6/07 - 3:01:03 AM
Crucible, you have to clikc the Green Triangle twice, then the red circle appears near the bottom of the window.
Friday 7/6/07 - 3:04:10 AM
I'm pretty darn last level is hard
Friday 7/6/07 - 3:05:26 AM
I abhor trackpads.
Friday 7/6/07 - 3:09:29 AM
That was too easy. I was going to list the level codes but there is no spoiler button. : (
Friday 7/6/07 - 3:17:09 AM
I know a better idiot test. If you continue to take these idiots tests... your an idiot.

I still played.

Friday 7/6/07 - 3:36:46 AM
Friday 7/6/07 - 3:37:47 AM
This is stupid but a good time waster for the first play.
Friday 7/6/07 - 3:40:52 AM
If you want to skip to the last level for any reason it's ...........*Wait they removed spoiler tags? Wtf?* BOBTHEMONKEY.
Friday 7/6/07 - 3:58:23 AM
Crucible I did the exact same thing, I clicked everything for about 15 mins before I finaly read the question again. The rest of the test was easy after that.
Friday 7/6/07 - 4:43:05 AM
Smarter than a space monkey, now my life is truely complete!

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