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Pictures of Adjectives

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Pictures of Adjectives
My favorite: underused.
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Sunday 6/17/07 - 7:46:38 AM
My favorite: underused.
Sunday 6/17/07 - 10:49:55 AM
Nice idea. If it had good pictures, it would be a pretty cool site, but as it is, it looks like the photos were all taken around the house, of whatever object had some vague connection to the adjective. E.g. "cool": a picture of a fan. Yeah, whatever.
Monday 6/18/07 - 2:19:16 AM
Not very well done...
Monday 6/18/07 - 2:21:43 AM
hopefully it'll get better as that guy adds more, for now it's pretty lame
Monday 6/18/07 - 2:33:42 AM
Its a good idea but not much content
Monday 6/18/07 - 2:41:44 AM


Monday 6/18/07 - 2:42:18 AM
Yeah, besides Underused there isn't much good anything there
Good concept if he sticks to it and gets a jolt of creativity
Monday 6/18/07 - 2:45:03 AM
I thought this was going to be some "take a black&white picture of an old rocking chair in a lawn with a doll laying at the feet, representing the tyranny of the world and also the adjective "confusing"" thing. It's just not as cool when it doesn't make you feel smart for looking at it and pretending you know what the hell it's about.
Monday 6/18/07 - 2:48:00 AM
"Needy" was good. They should all be dog/cat pictures. Most were just boring.
Monday 6/18/07 - 2:48:06 AM
The "red" had more green in it than red.
Monday 6/18/07 - 2:49:21 AM
That would be fun to do.
Monday 6/18/07 - 3:06:48 AM
Here is one: Stupid!
Monday 6/18/07 - 3:14:05 AM
How about boring.
Monday 6/18/07 - 3:35:50 AM
this made me sleepy
Monday 6/18/07 - 4:05:07 AM
Wow i couldn't think of any pictures that would suit them better. (sarc)
Monday 6/18/07 - 4:26:42 AM
some stiff wood he had there
Monday 6/18/07 - 5:58:35 AM
new ones
Monday 6/18/07 - 6:11:36 AM
Monday 6/18/07 - 6:12:04 AM
Ok, no one is going to complain about the blue text on blue background?

Agree with you all good concept. Needs more people sending in pictures + adjectives.

Monday 6/18/07 - 7:01:29 AM
OMG THAT MAN IS A FREAK! he eats dogs, he called that dog tasty

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