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Super Mario Bros Sythesizer (sound board really)

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Super Mario Bros Sythesizer (sound board really)
Classic Mario Sound Effects. How many of you actually remember this original game?
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Monday 4/23/07 - 2:02:01 AM
Classic Mario Sound Effects. How many of you actually remember this original game?
Monday 4/23/07 - 3:20:30 AM
I loved Mario so much
Monday 4/23/07 - 3:25:06 AM
I remember the original game!! Then again, I'm incredibly old.

This is pretty sweet, it even has the theme music. Nice!

Monday 4/23/07 - 3:42:18 AM
I think this is a repost, though i could have just found it by myself. =/

anyway, I love mario.

Monday 4/23/07 - 4:15:39 AM
oh, i remember that the level where the fire and the stone bricks were, always made me nervous for some reseon. no i know, its that damn music.
Monday 4/23/07 - 4:45:31 AM
Awesome. Has all the original sounds too. Sweet. Awesome.
Monday 4/23/07 - 4:48:28 AM
man now I want to play it! I loved that game
Monday 4/23/07 - 5:33:36 AM
Sweet! I love that game so much!
Monday 4/23/07 - 5:47:40 AM
Monday 4/23/07 - 6:52:33 AM
You gotta love NES and SNES games :)
Monday 4/23/07 - 10:14:37 AM
gotta love the fire level music makes me so jumpy lol
Monday 4/23/07 - 11:43:19 AM
I love all of the music. but I especially for some reason love the fact that I can make the invincibility last forever!
Monday 4/23/07 - 11:57:47 AM
No school like the old school.
Monday 4/23/07 - 11:59:20 AM
Mario > Everything else

I had this on GBA.

Monday 4/23/07 - 12:21:38 PM

Mario and Zelda > Everything else.

This makes me want to get out our Nes and play it again. xD

Monday 4/23/07 - 1:56:41 PM
this is exactly the same soundboard for the New Super Mario Bros game
Monday 4/23/07 - 4:08:39 PM
Mario is beast ^^
Monday 4/23/07 - 5:52:29 PM
Heh, cute. Brought back some memories. Wish I could still download the ROM...
Monday 4/23/07 - 5:59:08 PM
Hah I remember the last level of Mario 3. Not for SNES, but the good ol NES. man. getting to bowser was near impossible, took me an hour. took 5 seconds to beat bowser. really anticlimactic.
Monday 4/23/07 - 5:59:29 PM
dude the second level music is sooo much better than the first one

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