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Racist Guy on CSPAN

195 comments 2.9 210,904 views 15 years ago in News & Politics
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Racist Guy on CSPAN
This guy makes Don Imus look like a saint.
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Thursday 4/12/07 - 9:32:53 PM
This guy makes Don Imus look like a saint.
Friday 4/13/07 - 2:16:58 AM
I hate people like this. it makes me sick, why can they be proud of their race but we cant. if a white person were to EVER shout "white power' theyd be called a racist. I was watching a show today and an african-american said black power, if the white woman next to him did the same thing, the show would be pulled from the air.

oh and I didnt even watch this, i figured that this is what it would be about, i really dont care, call me racist, cal me whatever, but eh.

Friday 4/13/07 - 2:18:14 AM
Okay never mind, i decided to watch it, and I got to the part where he said we had to exterminate white people... now if anyone other than him said itm there would be riots
I stand by what I say,
Friday 4/13/07 - 2:25:06 AM
Dang, that's a much better link title and one-sentence description than I submitted it with.
Friday 4/13/07 - 2:31:20 AM
Hate only begets more hate. Exterminating white people will not solve this world's problems. It's insane to even think such a thing.
Friday 4/13/07 - 2:43:50 AM
Friday 4/13/07 - 3:03:57 AM
phoenix, I'm so pissed that you got that in before me!
Friday 4/13/07 - 3:04:57 AM
It would be a big deal, but he's black so we're going to exterminate him soon anyway. I'm loading the cannon right now. I call it 'The Racial Profiler'.

It's also painted black, but that's just my little joke. It's white on the inside and that's what counts. I am a racist!

Friday 4/13/07 - 3:11:39 AM
Friday 4/13/07 - 3:11:51 AM
So... this guy seems to think that all whites are sociopaths who want to kill all black people, we can't possibly be reasoned with, and the only possible way to stop it is to kill us first?

OK, my unofficial, unreliable and unsolicited diagnosis would be that he is clinically paranoid and suffering from delusions. That's just from reading numerous case studies in psychology, but it's my best guess.

Friday 4/13/07 - 3:12:05 AM

Alas, I like these letters!

Friday 4/13/07 - 3:19:01 AM
I dare you to mess with germany you motherdrater.Its people like this that give the rest of the black people a bad name AND IM WHITE.
Friday 4/13/07 - 3:21:51 AM
Damn it censored me thats just gay
Friday 4/13/07 - 3:33:48 AM
lol he owns a bookstore named Blacknificent books
Friday 4/13/07 - 3:46:20 AM
^ the sky isn't blue.

Molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light

Friday 4/13/07 - 3:48:00 AM
Didn't Hitler once think the world would be a better place if all jews were exterminated.
With an opinion like this, that guy is no better than Hitler.
Friday 4/13/07 - 3:49:35 AM
Rraaee, a white person can't stand up for white power because they already have pretty much all the power in the world. There's obviously not much lack of white representation in the US.

I don't usually watch C-span but do they just put anyone on TV?

Friday 4/13/07 - 3:53:13 AM
Yea I got the point. I think everyone agrees. If I was there I would have told him right off.

binxyboo Hitler needed a target to get people to rally behind. The country was (and is now again) facing it's high unemployment rate. Hitler convinced people it was "the jews fault" same people think Hitler targeted the Jews because his mother had an affair with one.

So for the random info. I am really bored.

Friday 4/13/07 - 3:56:37 AM

You be happy to know the whites are a minority in terms of population(in most states). The fact that other ethnic groups vote less.

Friday 4/13/07 - 4:03:30 AM
This is BS.

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