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Worst TV Fight Ever

110 comments 3.5 48,910 views 15 years ago in Funny
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Worst TV Fight Ever
This is from Star Trek.
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Monday 2/5/07 - 8:02:30 PM
This is from Star Trek.
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 2:19:40 AM
Heh, this was pretty bad, the rock throwing part was funny though.
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 2:21:57 AM
So what? Lizard people are not renowned for their speed and agility on the field of battle. No reason to make fun of them for it.
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 2:33:09 AM
Lol, It was funny when he threw the rock at the lizard man.It just was like "plop".This one made me laugh.
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 2:46:00 AM
lol kirk sucks ass
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 2:50:21 AM
Woah - last time I saw that I was four.
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 3:20:06 AM
Fun fact:Ben stiller owns that lizard mask,he bought it at an auction.
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 3:34:13 AM
That's a classic...this is tv-history at its best
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 3:41:05 AM
was this the final version? or is it supposed to be edited afterwards, making the punches actually look like punches instead of hugs and caresses?
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 3:45:23 AM
Fear my styrofoam boulder of DOOM!!!!!
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 3:48:43 AM
hahahahaha i laughed so much he trys to bash him with the stick and he just walks around the other side and the lizard hits the tree bwahahahaha
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 4:10:51 AM
HAHAHA...that WAS pretty bad. it looked like they did everything slow and that they were going to speed the film up later but forgot or something. gotta love that two handed karate chop action. kirks a stud.
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 4:19:32 AM
The sound was repeated again and again. Nrrgghhheeehheeey!
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 4:22:33 AM
hahaha LMAO... but Star Trek still pwns. not a big fan of the orig tho. NG and DS9 woot!
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 4:30:02 AM
Hey, that was a good episode.
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 4:33:23 AM
Absolute classic.
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 4:41:39 AM
that was great!
you gotts love star trek!
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 4:57:32 AM
This rises to the level of MST3K bad
Tuesday 2/6/07 - 5:17:28 AM
"Lol, It was funny when he threw the rock at the lizard man.It just was like "plop".This one made me laugh."

yeah, that's the best part!

Tuesday 2/6/07 - 5:46:55 AM
Hmmmm - this or Adam West (as Batman) fighting the Rubber shark!


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