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The Man of 100 Voices

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The Man of 100 Voices
Guy does 100 impressions in 4 minutes.
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Tuesday 12/26/06 - 12:06:48 AM
Guy does 100 impressions in 4 minutes.
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 2:52:06 AM
i got to 44 before i cut it off.
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 2:55:01 AM
Some of them were good, but some of them were pretty bad.

His Spongebob freaked me out. It was a little too good.

Tuesday 12/26/06 - 2:56:30 AM
Why does anyone feel it necessary to do something like that?
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 2:56:58 AM

He make funny faces.

Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:04:00 AM
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:05:15 AM
that made me sad, that wan't realy to good he had like three voices, a high voice,a low voice and on jiggle one, they were all bad and creepy and any one could do those impression with that type of voice, my uncle has the same kind of voice and could probly do better so it didnt impress me in the least
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:05:53 AM
I always hate when people tell me they can do a sh*t load of impersonations, then like 3 out of every 15 actually sound good.
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:14:38 AM
actually, those all sounded good to me. the sponge bob one was creepy
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:32:22 AM
Those sounded pretty good to me.. it was a little creepy though. =) I didn't think I was going to watch the whole thing, but it was better than I thought it would be. Maybe not absolutely perfect, but hey, it's just some entertainment. =)
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:39:35 AM
that must have gotten him alot of job offers
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:39:48 AM
Some of them were spot on, while others were crap.

Smeagol and Gollum made me laugh though!

Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:46:09 AM
His female voices weren't that great.
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:46:12 AM
Has anyone heard impressions and thought "you know this would be a lot better if I heard 100 in under 4min!" I think 94.7% of all people would rather hear 3 dead on impressions... then 50 crappy/kinda close ones.
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 3:54:16 AM
that guy's got skills ;]
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 4:11:13 AM
at the beginning they were great, but halfway through he's starting to fall off. then he hits the homestar runner crew and gets back up again (im typing this as he goes) and he starts falling off again, back up with ringwraith (sp?) sliding again at 80 and climbs again with the starwars guys

overall, he's far better than anybody I know, pratty good

Tuesday 12/26/06 - 4:34:10 AM
He looks retarded
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 4:44:09 AM
he did a horrible homer
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 4:45:14 AM
whoa not bad. not bad at all.
Tuesday 12/26/06 - 5:18:03 AM
I believe I've heard some better impressions of those people the New Year's Day via Hangovers. I give this guy a 2 outta 5.

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