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Why there was no ADD before...

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Why there was no ADD before...
as told by South Park.
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Friday 12/22/06 - 2:31:47 AM
as told by South Park.
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:25:20 AM
It is my beleif that the people who campaign against Child Abuse were crying douchbags as children. Others turned out all fine.
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:33:17 AM

Have to agree with Koala. Although I'll be annoyingly technically correct and state that there's a line between spanking and beating the hell out of them with a bat. <.<

It's a rare case that's 'real' in regards to ADD. Most the time it's parents that don't want to be or fail at being parents.

My questions is.. why does this have to be stated on some stupid television show (Sorry SouthPark Fans) for people to realize it? Does the population just not.. think.. anymore?


Friday 12/22/06 - 3:37:16 AM
"You can either calm down or I'll pop you in the mouth again" brochure. HAHA
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:40:31 AM
What really pisses me off is that Doctors Prescrib Ritalin for Children who would rather go out and play hockey rather then stay in and do homework.

lower Sugar, get the kids on a damn sports team and VOILA! no more ADD, but then the Corporations who thrive on the "illness" will go bankrupt, so they will have to invent another illness. (It doesn't exist there is no such thing as ADD ) (there is a thing as low IQ,and short attention span syndrom thought )(forgot actual name)


Friday 12/22/06 - 3:45:50 AM
Haha, South Park has some great moments. That's the most effective treatment I've seen!
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:52:17 AM
It's true.
I'm a good kid, but sometime I want to smack my classmates for being so annoying.
We're in an honors class, for god's sake.
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:54:49 AM

Koala> Yeah, I know. I work in a pharmacy right now, temporarily until my training for criminal justice comes through.. and- Ok, so it's a military pharmacy. I once saw a woman come in with three boys no older than ten at best. One of them was talking to the other or something minor and she looked at them with a killer scowl, snapped her fingers and said, "Front and Center." The three boys lined up and stood AT ATTENTION. mate. They're KIDS. Lo and behold they were picking up Ritalin for ALL THREE., what's wrong with this picture?

Ever see Fight Club? Let's just blow up the corporate buildings and start at square one. <.< I mean, I'm a lawful and abiding citizen, Heil Bush!

Friday 12/22/06 - 4:17:49 AM
Am I a meanie-bobeany when I laugh heartily at the flagrantly bratty child gets what's coming to him at the supermarket?
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:22:57 AM
Did you just say meanie-bobeany?

And, no.

Friday 12/22/06 - 4:32:11 AM
Yes! lets blow up the Corperations And Start up As Socialist!

long live Marx! (Communism was a spin off his Socialist teachings)

Long Live Lenin! (Dispite his Sudden Death) For Eastablishing an Actual Socialist Country that isn't Communist!

Long live my bed and NyQuill! Good night everybody. -> 4:30am.

Friday 12/22/06 - 4:54:22 AM
Loving the debates.
Friday 12/22/06 - 5:17:04 AM

DMDekoth> I'll be here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Looking forward to sparring with words once again! ...wouldn't hurt to actually have some opposition, though. *snerk*

Ignore my arrogance. You get used to it. Just glad to entertain. I think. I could possibly be completely and utterly full of myself to think you're referring to something I was involved with or I'm just observant to see almost no one else spoke about it. Or I just need to go to bed and stfu. I have a life. I'll resume it tomorrow.

Friday 12/22/06 - 5:40:58 AM
I'll probably get shouted at.
But I have ADHD, and I've grown up all my life with people telling me it's bad parenting and that I'm just a badly behaved child.
But this is unbelieveably unfair.
I try very very hard in school, and when I get frustrated, I kinda explode. I'm very hyper and all sorts and it really hurts my parents for people to say to them, that they're bad parents and it's all their fault that I behave like this.

You see, now I'm getting older, I'm learning to curve my hyperness into something usefull if you get me. And I do still get over the top, but that's jsut my personality as well.
And it really does upset/p.iss the hell outta me when people say hurtful things like that.

And don't forget, I'm not getting at anyone here.
So don't start on me. ^-^

Friday 12/22/06 - 5:53:35 AM
exactly puff it has nothing to do with the fact of parenting or being a poorly behaved child. its a mental condition. my parents were great and i was the best child parents could want (within reason) and i have ADHD they thought they could fix it with ridilin <<< prolly spelled that wrong... and look at what happened it ruined my sleeping schedule its 5:48 am and im still wide awake >.< but either way u cant just brand ADD and ADHD kids as having bad parents or being misbehaving overall b/c thats not the case it all depends on the kid for me it was a need for attention from my peers so i acted like an idiot i didnt care if the attention i got was positive or negative as long as i got it but just as willow is doing now, i grew up and learned to control it and am putting that extra energy to good use. helping my friends and family with anything they need ^_^
Friday 12/22/06 - 6:57:03 AM
Yes victory, I did say meany-bobeany...I'm trying to curse less.
Friday 12/22/06 - 8:12:19 AM
i like it lol
Friday 12/22/06 - 8:24:15 AM
Actual discipline works just fine for my kids. And if / when it actually is a sickness, then stay the hell away from my kids, 'cause if you hurt one of mine,...

There is a differnece between being fair and justand punishing a child for piss poor behavior, and actual child abuse. If the parents don't know when to draw the line with their own behavior then the child won't lean their own boundaries.

ATM, I've got a 10yr old who knows better than to try dumb poo anymore, since I'm her steapdad and came into the picture atage 6 it took some work. My 2 yr old however, he's awesomely good. He does something wrong, I rasie my voice, he stops what he's doing and says "sorr' dada." and usually gives me a hug if I really yelled. (like if he was about to hurt himself and I jumped up realquick yelling...)

I dunno, maybe I'm lucky with my kids.

Friday 12/22/06 - 9:06:28 AM
ok. let's keep the add kids ouf of this for a while.
ALL parents should smack the poo out of their kids. That'll build some discipline. Whether you have add or not.
Now to ADD kids. Its their parents fault, maybe if they werent such puss!es, they could make those kids understand. you want attention b!tch, here it is! (and thats when you put your fist in their face.)
Friday 12/22/06 - 9:43:59 AM
well it worked... and it needs to be done to just about every kid like that... because honestly i see all the kids in my class and just about everyone is the same... im scared for the future... yea you have the straight a students but then about 75 % of the class dont know wtf they are gonna do and most will end up with 4 kids working at taco bell for the rest of their life

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