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Snakes on a Plane Early Auditions

29 comments 2.5 19,972 views 12 years ago in Funny
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Snakes on a Plane Early Auditions
A DCLugi skit - the same character actor from a few days ago. Warning: Adult Language
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Friday 12/22/06 - 1:34:35 AM
A DCLugi skit - the same character actor from a few days ago. Warning: Adult Language
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:42:07 AM
He does a great Christopher Walken (however you spell it)
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:45:07 AM
His Walken and Pesci are dead on, his Nicholson is really good too but the first two are 100% down to the movements.
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:50:35 AM
I just put this link in one of the comments for the previous skit but yea... like anyone really goes back to check >_>; Funny as hell though
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:13:11 AM
He's got some skills.
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:45:27 AM
I got the Walken, Pesci, and Nicholson, but who was that fourth guy?
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:52:22 AM
Haha, awesome. I gotta see the movie, though.
Friday 12/22/06 - 5:01:36 AM
This was funny even though I never wanted to see the movie

Snakes on a Plane... the name itself just ... sucks

Friday 12/22/06 - 5:29:00 AM
Wasn't there an Adam Sandler somewhere too?


Friday 12/22/06 - 5:43:46 AM
^^ Just what I was about to say...
Friday 12/22/06 - 5:53:22 AM
Funny as hell

Osprey, I think it was de Niro.

Friday 12/22/06 - 5:54:36 AM
Friday 12/22/06 - 6:52:23 AM
OMG That was so funny. Christofer Walken impressions are the funniest
Friday 12/22/06 - 6:56:42 AM
that was funny, but i'm sure that was on here a few months ago, like when the movie came out.
Friday 12/22/06 - 7:56:58 AM
Old but still hilarious
Friday 12/22/06 - 8:03:42 AM
hehe that's a great idea for a film- Snakes on a Plane- The Muppet version.
Friday 12/22/06 - 8:51:42 AM
I drating love this
its so funny
Friday 12/22/06 - 8:52:52 AM
Absolutely the best. Walken was dead on.
Friday 12/22/06 - 10:00:58 AM
His deniro is horrendous. But all the others are dead on, so it's forgivable.
Friday 12/22/06 - 11:39:52 AM
he's really good at impressions, but he should try a different way of using them, these are getting kind of stupid.

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