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The Bicycle Mechanic

20 comments 3.3 10,562 views 12 years ago in Weird/Silly
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The Bicycle Mechanic
Using only his feet.
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Friday 12/22/06 - 1:20:47 AM
Using only his feet.
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:28:07 AM
Amazing what people can do when they don't let what others consider to be a handicap get in their way.
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:36:33 AM

I love how someone like this can find a career otherwise considered impossible to do by them because they, oh, I don't know.. don't have hands? But the rest of the world (primarily Americans) walk around using "I can't, that's not the way I am." as an excuse to be a lazy drater and not get past their faults and bullpoo.

I blame overpopulation. Bunch of crybabies without proper ego's and id's because it's a rat race to our deaths and parents don't want to be parents (or rolemodels) and the same goes for, well, most of the societal factors that make us who we are today!

Go, Bike Mechanic, Go!

Friday 12/22/06 - 4:12:33 AM
VictoryRider and JaLacaob took the words right out of my mouth...
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:39:00 AM
Impressive, shows you the ingenuity of persons who are forced to make a living no matter how difficult their circumstances are.
Friday 12/22/06 - 5:12:29 AM
No story to go along with the pictures?
Friday 12/22/06 - 5:53:16 AM
Link doesn't work :(
Friday 12/22/06 - 5:57:12 AM
pretty good but i would have liked a movie
Friday 12/22/06 - 6:09:46 AM
It works now, truly amazing
Friday 12/22/06 - 1:04:43 PM
"Who stole my wallet?" *puts foot behind back* I don't have the foggiest notion.....
Friday 12/22/06 - 2:19:08 PM
uhhhhh thats gross. I wouldnt let a mans mouldy feet touch my bike ever ever ever ewww and i agree with hagane hehe thats funny, he luks lyk tht kinda guy :P
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:31:10 PM
like you need story to go with the pictures DMDekoth. Thats why the page is titled silent motivation.

This guy makes me feel like $H!T for having arms and not doing anything fantasticly awesome with them. T-T

Friday 12/22/06 - 5:04:07 PM
I would never have the patience to do something like that. Got to give him a truck load of credit for doing something that most people would just complain about until they got someone else to do it for them.
Friday 12/22/06 - 6:08:14 PM
i hate it when ppl are handicapped and take it out on ppl bcos they can because we got a kid in our school and if we speak to him angrily he gets us all detention but i liked it when that man doesnt take it out on ppl for no ones mistakes
Friday 12/22/06 - 7:12:02 PM
you scored 74 and I was afk half the time. didnt loose any villagers until lvl 65
Friday 12/22/06 - 10:24:31 PM
bobert are you alright?

oh well anyway.... i didnt noticed he didnt has arms... and plz try to avoid posting links to that site...its plainly crappy cause its alway only pictures (movie is better or at least you could put descriptions of pics... or even a story)

Friday 12/22/06 - 11:13:49 PM
First of all..bobert jus..what??

Second..omg thats really cool, but a few of the pics really grossed me omg please tell me thats a..o its rite on his..GAHH


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