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A Musical Proposal

48 comments 2.7 21,028 views 12 years ago in Misc.
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A Musical Proposal
Guy asks his girl with a song.
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Wednesday 12/20/06 - 1:28:38 AM
Guy asks his girl with a song.
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 3:18:02 AM
Allow me to be the first to say


Made me gigle outloud, Her face was just like "WTF" from the begining, that was the single most beautiful thing I've seen all week (so far) I can't beleive that guy can be that clueless to body language and all, This probably was something out of desperation.

Wednesday 12/20/06 - 3:27:08 AM
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! damm, that guy got owned!
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 3:35:28 AM
Uhh huh!! I alredy knew what was going to happen.
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 3:36:01 AM
Haha, she looked so shocked the entire time, almost disgusted. I wonder why he was filming it though? And why would he let anyone get ahold of the video? Almost seems staged, but life is like that sometimes.
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 5:09:42 AM
Poor guy. She tries to be so nice too..."That was a beautiful song". haha
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 6:44:57 AM
I can almost taste the rainbow of disappointment.
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 6:53:20 AM
poor guy.. an 'A' for effort, but not the song. but yeah. maybe it's the ring. oh well. poor guy.
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 7:34:32 AM
why would you allow this vid to get to the internet???
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 8:18:41 AM
Hey, just got back from throwing up about something else. Anyway, this guy is really, really pathetic. His expression after he's rejected is like: :-^
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 8:19:00 AM
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 8:21:40 AM
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 10:01:40 AM
Has anyone else visited the web site? if not its well worth a look i cringed all the way through it for that guy.
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 10:56:12 AM
Not real: During the Contest Period, using video footage that you shot, create a video that is maximum 90 seconds in length. The video should show, in a creative manner, a reenactment or a fictional depiction of a proposal that went wrong.

Those are rules for submitting videos to the website.

Wednesday 12/20/06 - 11:24:10 AM
not funny at all..just stupid and very sad or sould i say very stupid and sad..:S
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 11:55:17 AM
I guess he should've asked "what if" before he actually spent $ on the ring.
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 12:00:33 PM
aww...that was sad. i would marry a guy like that since he made the song out of love, and then got the ring. that just made me sad...
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 12:26:19 PM
I wasn't expecting that O_O
Wednesday 12/20/06 - 12:27:29 PM
yea listen to matt guys it was obviously done on purpose. you'd marry a guy because he threw a few lines together in song. Then 5 years down the road when you're unhappy guess you could be like "least he wrote me a song" lol.

Wednesday 12/20/06 - 1:18:04 PM
lol xD I WASN'T expecting that!!!!!

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