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Snow Border LineRider Version

25 comments 2.4 32,011 views 12 years ago in Games
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Snow Border LineRider Version
Line rider clone with a snowboard and a few perks like snow and pictures.
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Friday 12/15/06 - 4:04:55 AM
Line rider clone with a snowboard and a few perks like snow and pictures.
Friday 12/15/06 - 5:06:34 AM
awww its soo pretty!
Friday 12/15/06 - 5:07:51 AM
So much line rider stuff
Friday 12/15/06 - 5:15:37 AM
How cute, I like making the little dude crash ^_^
Friday 12/15/06 - 8:26:41 AM
i hear a sue case coming?!
Friday 12/15/06 - 9:07:04 AM
Enough already with the line rider stuff. People just change what vehicle you are riding and call it a new game...

Kinda like...

Internet Riddle Games
Escape the Room Games
Push the block Games
Get to the end around the magnets Games

Where is the originality now?

Friday 12/15/06 - 10:44:49 AM
i love all this stuff there ading to line flyer
Friday 12/15/06 - 10:48:52 AM
...looks nice, but the guy is pretty slow, and the crash rate is high because of that.
Friday 12/15/06 - 10:51:36 AM
it sucks...... nothing more to say. you cant even use the right-click cheat
Friday 12/15/06 - 1:21:32 PM
So crappy it's scary.
Friday 12/15/06 - 2:44:33 PM
Am I the only one that sees no real point in these thing?
Friday 12/15/06 - 3:15:59 PM
i think those are skis...
Friday 12/15/06 - 4:51:19 PM
am i the only one to notice it says 'deck the hells' under music?
Friday 12/15/06 - 5:16:59 PM
@thebeast: They're adding to Line RIDER, not Line Flyer (which itself was copied off of Line Rider).
Friday 12/15/06 - 5:34:59 PM
wow, SUPER choppy and really slow
Friday 12/15/06 - 5:40:34 PM
I hate all these linerider clones. And all those icons look like windows xp icons, which are very ugly.
Friday 12/15/06 - 7:08:52 PM
Pretty crap, still Line Rider (maybe ZaDa) > crappy copies
Friday 12/15/06 - 9:57:05 PM
Saturday 12/16/06 - 9:36:19 AM
I wish I was fsk's lawyer.
Saturday 12/16/06 - 1:01:57 PM
it BS :(

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