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Drunk Danny Devito

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Drunk Danny Devito - Danny Devito appears drunk on the View
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Friday 12/1/06 - 1:15:00 PM
Danny Devito appears drunk on the View
Saturday 12/2/06 - 2:10:32 AM
Haha that Danny Devito always cracks me up.
Saturday 12/2/06 - 2:11:16 AM
by the way...he's just as funny when he is somber
Saturday 12/2/06 - 3:01:52 AM
somber? i shink you have had to mush to drink *hic*
Saturday 12/2/06 - 3:10:00 AM
At least he's not a mean drunk. A funny drunk person's a lot easier to be around.
Saturday 12/2/06 - 4:15:59 AM
Danny DeVito is proof that, if you want it badly enough, you can get work in the movie business.
Saturday 12/2/06 - 7:20:37 AM
he aint drunk, hes stoned blatently obvious, funny poo tho
Saturday 12/2/06 - 9:25:29 AM
"Danny DeVito is proof that, if you want it badly enough, you can get work in the movie business."

Living proof that Hollywood will take anyone.

Saturday 12/2/06 - 1:27:53 PM
ello' ther Danny Devito *hic* ::gives kebab and beer::
Saturday 12/2/06 - 9:02:48 PM
lol ivansnavi I used 2 play runescape too
Saturday 12/2/06 - 9:38:10 PM
He's clearly not sober. Even if he was funny, it's pretty stupid to show up like that on national TV. Even if it was The View.
Saturday 12/2/06 - 10:58:30 PM
hahaha im playing runescape right now as i am typing.
Saturday 12/2/06 - 11:05:06 PM
^runescape is gay
Saturday 12/2/06 - 11:49:20 PM
mt1045, your face is gay. I rock at Rune Scape. my username is dullahan2. message me in game everyone!
Sunday 12/3/06 - 1:43:04 PM
^runescape is gay


Sunday 12/3/06 - 1:43:28 PM
mrseamonkey is gay^^
Sunday 12/3/06 - 3:25:10 PM
your gay just because you can't afford 5 dollars a month for the membership.
Sunday 12/3/06 - 5:46:00 PM
Sunday 12/3/06 - 8:21:44 PM
well.. this surely has gotten off topic lol
Monday 12/4/06 - 6:49:29 AM
God Americans are loud. We have a similar "4 women chat and have a guest star" show over here called Loose Women.

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