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Fill the board with circles.
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Monday 11/27/06 - 12:39:00 AM
Fill the board with circles.
Monday 11/27/06 - 12:49:17 AM
I already figured out how to cheat on it by mistake.
Monday 11/27/06 - 2:32:24 AM
Monday 11/27/06 - 5:45:54 PM
Yeah really easy.. If you can't beat this game you suck at life
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 2:10:15 AM
like everyone else already said its really easy and stupid
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 2:10:34 AM
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 2:16:20 AM
I hate that tune, but easy as heck. maybe you where not supposed to be able to take the mouse out of the screen.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 2:16:28 AM
Um, lame.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 2:19:31 AM
:D I did it without cheating.. only took me about 3 minutes though.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 2:25:22 AM
Rly annoying music xD
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 3:08:06 AM
I wouldn't consider it 'cheating'. Games like this are too easy by default. If the creator put in a maximum move count, then it might be more challenging. He/She would also have to redesign the levels to be a bit harder in the end.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 3:17:40 AM
Is it just me or was this waaaaaaaaaaaaay too EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 5:11:28 AM
Too easy. Just right click in each box on the screen to cheat.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 6:32:11 AM
To the people that cheated, that is sad. This game is easy by default, so cheating just makes no sense. And some of the beginning levels were harder than the end levels with the reset boxes
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 7:43:48 AM
easy, but frustration with the kinf of mouse I'm using
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 8:33:58 AM
Poorly designed game.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 9:02:41 AM
Why would you need to cheat at this game. Seriously, it takes more effort to cheat (as it's been described)than it does to actually play it like it's meant to be played. That said...WORST GAME EVAR.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 9:58:18 AM
You can right click! Man and I spent all of 2 minutes doing it my way. :(
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 10:18:11 AM
lol.. wayyy too easy. didnt even know there was a cheat. lame. new game please?
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 10:26:44 AM
that was waaaay easy, and i didnt cheat either, it only took me like 2 minutes anyway.

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