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Fill in the missing letters to complete the crossword.
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Friday 11/17/06 - 1:47:16 AM
Fill in the missing letters to complete the crossword.
Friday 11/17/06 - 2:27:29 AM
Not bad. It's got some good words in it, but I found it a bit difficult to get used to the letters. Very good idea for the letters though
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:00:24 AM
aah, I'm on expert, I think it's the last one, and it's hard as hell
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:02:09 AM
every level was super easy; i didn't even realized that the levels were going up. now i am on expert and it is d@mn near impossible! i don't have the patience for this level.
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:16:54 AM
woohoo i just solves the last level! that was fun
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:17:13 AM
Friday 11/17/06 - 5:00:12 AM
I only had the attention span to get through Easy, then I got bored. Not a bad time waster
Friday 11/17/06 - 5:23:26 AM
It was too easy....
Friday 11/17/06 - 7:38:43 AM
Friday 11/17/06 - 10:02:53 AM
Something to do, but truly easy.
Friday 11/17/06 - 10:12:32 AM
the first time i attempted the last level, i only got 2 letters...i had to reset, and it gave me enough to make it REALLY easy...
Friday 11/17/06 - 10:21:54 AM
yay I win..I didn't think it was an ending kind of game.
Friday 11/17/06 - 11:59:09 AM
it reminded me of that phrase game that was posted a while back, this one needed more levels though
Friday 11/17/06 - 2:19:30 PM
Beat it, had to redo the last one 3 times though before it became possible to beat...
Friday 11/17/06 - 2:44:08 PM
congratulations, thank you for playing, resent end game (or w.t.t.e) - and a cool flashy pattern thing...

had fun, killed time, yay me

Friday 11/17/06 - 3:16:06 PM
It was fun but, really easy
Friday 11/17/06 - 3:28:32 PM
I beat all of the levels. The last level I think I had about three letters on the board to start off, but you just have to keep guessing. :)
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:00:39 PM
Fun; even Expert is doable in a matter of seconds, but I can see it being somewhat challenging on the odd occasion. Great link, definitely re-playable, favorite indeed.
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:10:52 PM
not bad...
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:14:09 PM
finished it. liked the circley thingy, it looked like a ripple

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