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10 Things I Wish I Had Never Believed

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10 Things I Wish I Had Never Believed
Some decent points.
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Wednesday 11/15/06 - 1:17:19 AM
Some decent points.
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 2:23:17 AM
If #2 was true, then there wouldn't be any homeless people in America because they could all earn their share by self-employment. Personally, I think it's better to get a job when you're just starting out on your own economy-wise. Then, when you have enough assets to support yourself if your potential "work-at-home" business falls into the drink, do you even consider self-employment.
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 2:27:02 AM
^Makes sense^
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 2:31:11 AM
lol. yeah. all of it makes sense. i hate it when they advertise medication on TV. kuz all the patients are like "i want this and i want that" even though, it might not be the best medication for them.
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 2:33:46 AM
Hey, food for thought! MMM Tasty!!
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 3:50:35 AM
wow thats SOME thinking in there.


Wednesday 11/15/06 - 3:51:08 AM
some of that is true but its all from 1 person or a small group of peoples perspectives and opinions. the emotional are week think is pure bs. how emotional people are varies from person to person just like every other trait people have. medical advice from your doctor is based on the doctors experience and level of education. saying you should buy the car/house you buy cause of how it makes you feel is kind of on the fence. earing the food you eat cause of how it makes you feel sounds like fat America justified by a fay guy. win you go to buy a computer do you get one based on its specs to fit what you use it for you do you say that pretty purple color on the box makes me feel good i want that one? i would go on but im at 750 chars and would run out of room.
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 3:52:25 AM
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 4:35:43 AM
Hooray, I don't need to get a job OR go to college.
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 4:46:31 AM
i don't like #9

"All the Personal Development gurus I’ve seen are clean cut, positive thinking, deeply spiritual, entrepreneurs awash in wealth."

because they are scammers.

Wednesday 11/15/06 - 5:11:31 AM
So I can still believe in Santa, right?
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 5:21:16 AM
I like the "job is the worst way to make money" because the link goes to a guy who runs his own business and calls everybody idiots that have a job. It's like talking to a math professor that has a PhD in a form of math he invented and then he makes fun of you for not understanding any of it.
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 5:42:37 AM
its the love of Money is the root of all evil dumbass

ofcors money is not gonna be the root of all evil!! genius

Wednesday 11/15/06 - 7:24:38 AM
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 8:17:10 AM
No. 2 is just plain stupid! I'll just quit my job now and go down the dole office oh and forget all about having been to university!
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 8:30:05 AM
The "If you find this site helpful, please leave a donation for Steve so you can enjoy the spirit of giving too." text on the bottom of the site somehow make me say "Yeah, right, why the hell would i do that, you lazy unemployed hippy?!"
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 9:22:55 AM
Umm yeah.. because the bank would LOVE to give me a loan to start my own business after never having worked before or had an education

The hippy guy talks out of his ass

Wednesday 11/15/06 - 9:23:14 AM
o.O school is evil >:O
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 9:29:55 AM
MMhmmmm.... So, I don't need a degree. That's crap, I tell you. What can you do without a degree? I mean, seriously. Starting your own business is a little bit hard, also. You have to have a decent education to make up something to sell. Or, if you have a degree, you could invent a computer that runs ten times as fast or something. All those things are just stupid crap.
Wednesday 11/15/06 - 9:34:46 AM
Wow, such incredible powers of common sense.

"School is the best place for kids to learn at"

No sh*t?! WOW


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