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Pelican eats pigeon whole

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Pelican eats pigeon whole
That`s some crazy Pelican.
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Friday 11/10/06 - 1:22:44 AM
That's some crazy Pelican.
Friday 11/10/06 - 2:11:38 AM
Holy smokes. Wish I could have seen that, kind of.
Friday 11/10/06 - 2:25:56 AM
duh, the pelican's probably starving from a lack of fish.
everything has a reason.
Friday 11/10/06 - 2:27:29 AM
...which reminds me...

Anyone know where I can buy some swan meat? I'd like to try eating swan. Ya know, for fun. And nourishment.

Friday 11/10/06 - 3:01:15 AM
Way to leap up on the food chain!
Friday 11/10/06 - 3:35:02 AM
Pelicans...the sharks of the sky.

fyi deaf_woman has a varied selection of game & fowl. I think swan is protected though.

Friday 11/10/06 - 4:41:23 AM
tis old.
Friday 11/10/06 - 5:18:38 AM
Its only 15 days old, and if you happend to read the bbc news website regularly.

In regards to Swans. In the UK they are technically owned by the Crown and it is a crime to kill one. I dunno about elsewhere, but only one or two people are allowed to kill/eat swans in the UK on permission of the Crown.

Friday 11/10/06 - 6:47:50 AM
zebra's good zebra
Friday 11/10/06 - 6:48:55 AM
^ Yeah, and if you come to London on a Tuesday afternoon you can see the Queen exercising her privilege with a mallet, beating them all up in Hyde Park. Just a little known tourist spot for you
Friday 11/10/06 - 7:05:57 AM
Friday 11/10/06 - 7:42:00 AM
If you want rid of pigeons get a sparrowhawk. One's just moved into our neighbourhood and it's killed 4 of the buggers in 3 weeks. Scaryass bird though.
Friday 11/10/06 - 8:34:27 AM
That does not look anything like a pigeon!
Friday 11/10/06 - 8:59:01 AM
Friday 11/10/06 - 9:56:13 AM
Friday 11/10/06 - 10:48:24 AM
Dude, it was in the paper when i was in London.
Friday 11/10/06 - 10:48:28 AM
this news is like 3 weeks old
Friday 11/10/06 - 10:49:16 AM
And the Queen would have your ass for eating swan since she owns them all.
Friday 11/10/06 - 12:37:11 PM
Friday 11/10/06 - 1:09:42 PM
Thanks for the link lolakitty!

Well since the queen loves her bloody swans so much, maybe she'll let me eat one after it dies of old age.


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