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Eddie Algae

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Eddie Algae
Underwater platform game.
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Wednesday 11/8/06 - 11:31:34 PM
Underwater platform game.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 2:28:40 AM
Can you say "DOS"?
Thursday 11/9/06 - 2:37:32 AM
gotta admit, though...

the music is catchy...

Thursday 11/9/06 - 4:40:38 AM
This Game Was Pretty Annoying.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 6:03:05 AM
I agree, that was a waste of someone's programming talent.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 7:10:53 AM
Humorous; reminds me of Earthworm Jim a little. I met the wife of the guy who programmed that game, by the way. I totally wanted her autograph.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 8:34:25 AM
Terrible quality.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 9:25:11 AM
This game makes me want to poke someone in the eye with a stick.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 10:41:37 AM
Oh yeah, Earthworm Jim! He was good
Thursday 11/9/06 - 12:35:33 PM
Earthworm Jim is 20000000000 X10 to the 400 times better...
Thursday 11/9/06 - 2:29:30 PM
"I agree, that was a waste of someone's programming talent."

I don't think talent is the right word. Ability maybe. Talent? no. This was crap.

Friday 11/10/06 - 10:24:13 PM
Dude, this is so old, it was made by the EZone dudes, so its nearly 10 years old I think
Wednesday 7/4/07 - 8:13:54 AM
that was a waste of time.

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