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British Humanist Association

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British Humanist Association
BHA homepage.
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Monday 10/16/06 - 2:13:10 PM
BHA homepage. The BHA is the largest organisation in the UK supporting and representing the non-religious and campaigning for a secular society. Help us to strengthen the voice of the millions of non-religious people in the UK by joining online today.
Monday 10/16/06 - 2:17:32 PM
Hmm sounds a bit wishy-washy to me, I prefer Fire and Brimstone with my Religion.
Monday 10/16/06 - 2:18:47 PM
You think Humanism is a religion?

Thick c*nt.

Monday 10/16/06 - 2:23:23 PM
Yeah well i only wrote that cos your thread was dying on it arse and I pitied you.
Monday 10/16/06 - 2:30:31 PM
Dying on it's arse?

It was 4 minutes old when you posted.

You really are exceptionally stupid.


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