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Elephant, Famous Artist, or Pre-School Student?

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Elephant, Famous Artist, or Pre-School Student?
Who drew it?
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Tuesday 9/26/06 - 10:13:25 PM
Who drew it?
Tuesday 9/26/06 - 11:09:21 PM
The last two done my preschoolers kicked jackson pollucks ass
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:27:49 AM
I thought the elephant wasn't bad either
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:43:57 AM
Pretty weird how art like that can make it to museums when pre-schoolers can do better
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:51:40 AM
wow hard only got one
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:55:10 AM
The last time I saw something that looked like those pictures was when I drunk to much and was sick. I'm bot making fun of the elephant or pre-schooler though, they have an excause.

Has anyone noticed that Jackson Polluck's is rymeing slang for BULLOCK'S?

Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:55:58 AM

What a cool preschooler.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:58:10 AM
I have seen Kamala the Elephant's work on a documentary... the elephant is very selective with colour choice and is quite deliberate in her work. The preschoolers work is quite good- very Pollock in its composition.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:14:19 AM
The preschooler is an artistic prodigy.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:18:39 AM
I would buy that last pic. It's the best one by far
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:32:57 AM
I nailed the artists but couldn't tell the preschoolers from the elephants. I too have to agree, that last one is really nice.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:34:18 AM
Just goes to show that a lot of "abstract" art is simply BS.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:50:12 AM
The green preschooler's painting is definitely the best, but I could tell the drips from the other ones. And the elephant'a brushstrokes are unmistakable. But this goes to show you that this kind of art can be done by a preschooler.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 4:17:32 AM
They are all three just scribbling.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 4:50:09 AM
I saw some elephant paintings for sale at melbourne zoo, i was going to buy one when i saw the price... $300! RIP OFF
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 4:56:11 AM
'Just goes to show that a lot of "abstract" art is simply BS.'

Quoted for truth. That stuff is garbage and only morons pay for it.

Wednesday 9/27/06 - 5:53:45 AM
lol thats the biggest load of crap..i dont like art thats gud just because its done by certain people lol...i mean that person who won a big art prize cause he pilled bricks together...i dont think he even stuck them together(well cemented them together)it looked like he had just thrown them and they had landed like that

art can be very silly lol some of it is the biggest pile of crap ever...

Wednesday 9/27/06 - 5:56:29 AM
i said biggest pile of crap twice =O
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 7:07:41 AM
Abtsract my butt. It's just a bunch of lines.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 7:55:14 AM
It may just be a bunch of lines...but I like it

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